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Post-Doctoral Researcher, Department of Chemistry,
National Kapodistrian University of Athens

✉ makostak[at]chem.uoa[dot]gr

☎ +30 210 7274756 (office)

Web page : Google Scholar





- Academic education - Degrees -

  • Ph.D. in Chemistry (2019), Chemistry Dept., National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA)
  • MSc in Chemical Analysis – Quality Control (2012), Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry Dept., NKUA
  • B.Sc. in Chemistry (2009), Chemistry Dept., NKUA

- Appointments -

  • 2020: Teaching Fellowship, Chemistry Dept., NKUA
  • Certified Trainer:
     - EFET (Hellenic Food Authority) Reg No: 30318611133
     - LAEK-OAED (Manpower Employment Organisation)
     - EOPPEP (National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance) Reg No: ΕΒ32951
  • Certified Internal Auditor: ISO 17025 και ISO 22000

- Teaching Activities -

Undergraduate courses

  • Instrumental Analysis II (lab)
  • Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Postgraduate courses

  • Advanced Analytical Techniques (Spectrometry)
  • Chemometrics
  • Quality Management Systems – ISO/IEC 17025
  • Quality Control of Food

- Research Interests/Activities -

  • Development of Analytical Methods
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control (Validation of analytical methods, Estimation of measurement uncertainty, Uncertainty arising from sampling, Chemical Metrology etc.)
  • Analytical Techniques (Atomic Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)

- Top five publications -

  • A. Galani, R. Aalizadeh, M. Kostakis, A. Markou, N. Alygizakis, Th. Lytras, P. G. Adamopoulos, J. Peccia, D. Thompson, A. Kontou, A. Karagiannidis, E. S. Lianidou, M. Avgeris, D. Paraskevis, S. Tsiodras, A. Scorilas, V. Vasiliou, M-A. Dimopoulos, N. S. Thomaidis “SARS-CoV-2 wastewater surveillance data can predict hospitalizations and ICU admissions” Science of the Total Environment, 2022, 804 (doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.150151).
  • I. Martakos, M. Kostakis, M. Dasenaki, M. Pentogiannis, N. Thomaidis “Simultaneous determination of pigments, tocopherols, and squalene in Greek olive oils: A study of the influence of cultivation and oil-production parameters” Foods, 2019, 31 (doi: 10.3390/foods9010031).
  • Μ. Logotheti, K. Theochari, M. Kostakis, I. Pasias, N. Thomaidis “Development and validation of a HILIC-UV method for the determination of nucleotides in fish samples” Food Chemistry, 2018, 70-77 (doi: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2017.12.040).
  • V. Stoikou, V. Andrianos, S. Stasinos, M. Kostakis, S. Attiti, N. Thomaidis, I. Zabetakis, “Μetal Uptake by Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Irrigated with Water Polluted with Chromium and Nickel” Foods, 2017, 1-14 (doi: 10.3390/foods6070051).
  • P. Michopoulos, A. Bourletsikas, K. Kaoukis, E. Daskalakou, G. Karetsos, M. Kostakis, N. Thomaidis, I. Pasias, “The distribution and variability of heavy metals in a mountainous fir forest ecosystem in two hydrological years” Global Nest Journal, 2018, 188-197.

- Selected Distinctions -

  • Poster Award, poster presentation at Eurachem Workshop: Method Validation - Current Practices and Future Challenges, Ghent, 2016. Marios Kostakis, Michael A. Koupparis, Nikolaos S. Thomaidis  “ANOVA: A TOOL FOR BETTER EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN AND EVALUATION OF METHOD VALIDATION”
  • Poster Award, poster presentation at the Eurachem Workshop: Uncertainty in Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis”, Dublin, 2018. Marios Kostakis, Reza Aalizadeh, Marilena Dasenaki, Nikolaos Thomaidis “Exploring data quality of multivariate HRMS data in food authenticity research
  • Poster Award, poster presentation at the 11th Aegean Analytical Chemistry Days, Chania, 2018. MC. Nika, D. Damalas, G. Koulis, N. Alygizakis, V. Nikolopoulou, S. Drakopoulou, A. Psoma, M. Kostakis, R. Aalizadeh, P. Oswald, J. Slobodnik, N. Thomaidis “Extended Monitoring of Legacy Pollutants and Emerging Contaminants in the Marine Environment of Black Sea”.

- Projects and Academic Activities -

  • Member of Analytical Chemistry Sector of Association of Greek Chemists
  • Member of Method Validation Group of EURACHEM